Ruby on Rails Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi Nin,

> subject, so @Jeremy - I apologise..

No worries at all, you bring up some good points and I welcome anyone
who can offer guidance and newbs who might have questions that I
haven't thought of or are confused about. I am learning this all
myself so I also do not have a mentor or tutor to guide me through the
steps. All I have is books and video tutorials and the ruby and rails

Anyway, the point you brought up about Passenger---
"I mean – it didn't make sense I'd use both Passenger and
(probably it does but I understood they're both used for
thus the confusion..), unless Capistrano does both automated
deployment but can also be used when using a different deployment
service.. "

and the response that Marnen supplied---
"They are different tools for different purposes. Capistrano
takes care
of putting your app on the server, while Passenger serves it once
there. "

This was so great because I was still confused about whether to use
Passenger or Capistrano for deployment since I thought they basically
did the same thing. Now that I understand this a little better, it
will definitely help me when learning to use them.

So, thanks for your contributions to the thread :)

@Marnen, and @Hassan--- You ROCK!

Best Regards,

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