Ruby on Rails Wednesday, June 30, 2010

anon_comp wrote:
> I've made a scaffold project that has been edited so that when you
> create a new task, the show method will run though some ruby code that
> manipulates the data inputed. I want to make it so that when a user
> types in the url
> http://localhost:3000/some_controller/some_method/some_id_#,
Can you explain in some more detail what you're trying to do here?

> the ruby code won't run again. I tried to fix this problem by telling
> the program to check if the id exsist then don't run the ruby code and
> redirect the user, otherwise run the code. This didn't work becuase
> the id does get created.
Ok, well then there's a bug in your code: don't give up, try and fix it.
Post your code up please.
> The other solution I tried was to create an after_filter on the create
> method. The issue with this was that I couldn't get the parameters
> from the form and manipulate it.
The code in an after filter can access params. Post your code up
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