Ruby on Rails Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joe wrote:
> So, I can't just pass it my permalink value (which is worked out using
> to_param)? I have to create a whole method using regex that returns
> something that is exactly the same?
> Please Help,
> I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could just give a reply like "If
> I had a blog with the same kind of setup, what I could do is write a
> redirect like this, as you can get the permalink value by doing this."

You're not going to get this list's populace to write your code for you,
no matter how nicely you ask. If you need someone to write your code,
please support the Rails ecosystem (which has been helping you for free)
and hire a consultant.

> Thanks In Advance,
> Joe
> On 30 June, 02:26, Hassan Schroeder <>

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