Ruby on Rails Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, will get back to you on whether this can be reproduced on a
minimal app...

On Jan 31, 4:26 am, Xavier Noria <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 3:48 AM, tashfeen.ekram
> <> wrote:
> > when i run rake tasks, i run into a strange problem when running it in
> > production mode. it loads all of the files in the directory app/
> > runners/cron. when i run the rake task with config.cache_classes set
> > to true (as it is set in environment/production.rb) then it seems to
> > load those files in that directory upon execution of the rake command.
> > however, those files are not loaded when it is set to false.
> > i have checked my application, boot, and environment files and i am
> > not loading that directory.
> Can you reproduce it in a minimal application?
> I see from the other thread that the application runs Rails 3. Just in
> case it was migrated from Rails 2 let me comment that in Rails 2
> custom directories under app are not eager loaded, while they are in
> Rails 3. In case it rings a bell.
> Having said that, eager loading is not triggered for bare rake tasks
> that do not depend on the builtin :environment task. And for tasks
> that do depend there's a global flag called $rails_rake_task set to
> true within :environment that prevents eager loading from being run at
> all. Thus, as far as rake tasks is concerned, it shouldn't happen *in
> any case* unless there's some custom behavior somewhere.

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