Ruby on Rails Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012/9/29 Mandeep Kaur <>:

> I don't think Its the right choice to pay someone for doing that. I
> will try it and hopefully run that too.
> Anyways thanks for your help.

Believe me it is, I had to learn that the hard way a couple of years ago!

Setting up a webserver that it works is one thing, setting it up that
it works AND is secure another thing!

I did some misconfigurations that time and opened a big security hole
in my webserver. No one discovered it in the first place, but about
half a year later, someone used that hole to hack my server and abuse
its processing power for spam mail sending and crawling the web for
more email-addresses. Another problem were the leaked database and its

Since my hoster realized the high CPU use after a couple of minutes he
shut down that host. I was lucky about that. Since all what happened
was my fault of misconfiguring the server I had to pay fees! But since
the host was shut down very early I wasn't punished for spammail but I
had to pay a fee for the leaked userdata. It summarized to about 2500
€ (about 3000 USD).

Paying someone who knows how to configure such a webserver would have
cost only a fraction, and if I had have a bigger userbase it would
have been much more money!

Don't repeat mistakes that others did. Make your own, but make them different!

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