Ruby on Rails Thursday, February 28, 2013

Im not too sure about this but try loading ur profile in terminal first.
I remember i used to have to always had to run

. .bashrc

For my terminal color scheme to take effect in Terminator but then did something with my bash_login to make it permanent when opened Terminator. 

Im not sure of what command you have to type but its google stuff about making sure your user setting from the default terminal are also brought over to Terminator.

Stuff with bash_profile bash_login bash_logout ect.. ect..

Hope this helps.


On Thursday, February 28, 2013 9:49:41 AM UTC-8, User wrote:

sorry. When i add in normal terminal command line: rails new
nameproject... All ok, creates a new project. But in Terminator if i
want create new project, message - The program 'rails' can be found in
the following packages:
 * rails
 * ruby-railties-3.2

Yes, i install on ubuntu rails.

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