Ruby on Rails Friday, January 31, 2014

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:13:58 PM UTC-5, Russ S wrote:
So, we are searching for creative solutions to the upgrade problem. One idea is to start rewriting the application in Rails 4 and run it alongside the Rails 1 application. As features are added to the Rails 4 version, the same feature in the Rails 1 version could be taken offline. Users would see a mix of the two versions. Some pages would be served by Rails 1 and others by Rails 4.

This would require both the Rails 1 and Rails 4 versions to use the same database.

So my question is, will this work? What problems with this approach should we be anticipating? We know it isn't a perfect solution, but we're hoping it's good enough to drive the project forward.

The thing to consider most carefully is how you will be able to run the single website from two different rails apps.  Things like linking between them, sharing authentication, session variables like session and flash, stuff like that.  Databases are inherently multi-user systems so you're not so likely to run into problems with the database itself unless you are using sqlite, although I'm not so familiar with Rails 1 ActiveRecord mechanisms anymore.

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