Ruby on Rails Friday, January 31, 2014

I have a 2 entities which have many to many relation say teacher and subject. Each teacher has many subjects. I want to perform search on teacher by sunspot solr for all the teacher who teaches 3 subjects biology, anatomy and botany with specific time.


Say model structures and relations as follows

    Teacher - name, roll, ph no
    has many :subjects
    searchable do 
      string :subjects, multiple => true, stored => true do
      string :time, multiple => true, stored => true do

    Subject - title, time, teacher_id
    belongs_to :teacher

How would I perform solr search query for the teachers who are having all 3 subjects biology, anatomy and botany at time 3:00pm.
I am trying with following code which is not taking and condition to retrieve only the teachers teaching all the 3 subjects rather its taking as or condition. do
      with(:subjects, "biology")
      with(:subjects, "anatomy")
      with(:subjects, "botany")
      with(:time, "3:00pm")

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