Ruby on Rails Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Is there an automated way of loading initializers depending on whether you are currently using ruby or jruby? I have an internal gem that loads some jRuby tasks, but I fail to run them because other non-jruby initializers keep erroring out, understandably since they are not currently installed as jruby gems. 

Assuming the following gemfile: 

gem rails 

platform :ruby do
  ruby '2.1.0' if RUBY_ENGINE == 'ruby'
  gem A  # Not needed when running jruby

platform :jruby do
  ruby '1.9.3' if RUBY_ENGINE == 'jruby'
  gem 'internal_gem'

I won't be able to run anything provided by 'internal_gem' unless I move gem A to the jruby platform, which is not very nice because it would mean I will be doing it for every gem I add. 

Any ideas? 

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