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I am currently studying hard to switch careers also. I'm currently a musician (drummer) and am learning on my own. I have found a lot of resources online and many great books already. I was planning on writing a blog post about that so I'll try to do that soon. Keep an eye out at

A few things you could try:

Some nice online courses:

Some books:
- Rails 4 in Action
- RubyonRails tutorial by Michael Hartl
- Learn To Program by Chris Pine

And I am currently just starting to build stuff, which is actually one of the best thing to do. I am now building this site what actually will be of great help in managing learning resources.

Hope this helps.



Op dinsdag 29 april 2014 20:54:56 UTC+2 schreef User:
Hello All,

I'm currently working in the medical equipment research and development
industry and I'm looking to switch industries to become a Rails
developer. I've been focusing on getting to know Ruby for the past
couple months and am feeling fairly comfortable with it. I want to start
moving on and start on Rails now, but want some people's opinions on
where to start.

How'd you all get started?
Did any of you switch industries in to Rails development?

I'd be very interested in talking to someone who did switch industries
successfully after studying Ruby/Rails independently. I'm a quick
learner so picking up all these languages isn't a problem and just takes
time, but I would really like some advice on how to reach that end goal
of actually landing a job as a Rails developer (freelance work, where I
should be before I START looking for freelance jobs, developing a Rails
portfolio, etc.).

Seeing someone else's Rails portfolio would be a huge help!

Thanks in advance!

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