Ruby on Rails Thursday, October 30, 2014

On 30 October 2014 16:11, K.S. Koushik <> wrote:
> This is the ruby code of the migration.
> (class CreateUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
> def up
> create_table :users do |t|
> t.string "first_name",:limit =>25
> t.string "last_name", :limit =>50
> t.string "email",:default => "",:null => false
> t.string "password",:limit => 40
> t.timestamps
> end
> def down
> drop_table :users
> end
> end
> end)
> The terminal command
> (rake db:migrate VERSION=0)
> But i am still able to see the users table after running that terminal
> command. It says reverting CreateUsers but does not drop the table.
> Any help?

You have def down inside def up. It needs to be between the last two
end statements.


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