Ruby on Rails Monday, December 29, 2014

ANNOUNCING a new release of Jackbox.

Jackbox toys with the ideas of closures as modules. In it you'll find a
series of new takes on ruby that are sure to spike you interest. With
it we have come up with a solution to the decorators handicap in ruby
and introduced some new constructs for code injection.

Please feel free to use it free of charge and to send us your comments
or inquiries. Available from for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Just run: gem install jackbox.

More info here:

CHANGES: Made ffi a dependency instead of part of the gem. Added some
additional specs. In particular, added specs for the #with construct
and the #lets construct for the disbelievers. To execute all the specs:
you need to be inside the gem directory where ever this maybe on your
system and run rspec from the gem directory itself.

Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you feel the need to decompile the code even though
WHAT is contained in it is not worth the trouble you are hereby formally
instructed to: Cease and Desist. Jackbox and the code in it are
copyrighted. If you encounter bugs, you don't need to debug them. We
will debug them for you. Just send us your stack trace and an
explanation of the problem to the address on the GitHub page or on the
gem itself. We will do our most to provide you with outstanding
customer service.

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