Ruby on Rails Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hi rbritom, I really appreciate your help on this!

I guess my goal (as a user story) is:

I want to be able to make an appointment that has not already been made.
I don't want to have double (or worse!) booked appointments. I want to
be able to check the appointments table and make the booking if that
date and timeslot has not been taken already. If it has, I want the
system to save my appointment and display a notice to me to say that the
booking was made successfully. If the date and time selected are not
available then I want it to tell me it's not available and to try again.

When I get that working, I want to add an action_mailer to send the
customer an email with the booking details, and I also want it send me
an email with the booking details.

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