Ruby on Rails Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ruby On Rails Interview Question And Answers:

Q.Explain how (almost) everything is an object in Ruby:

  • This is a simple question based on complex concept. Here's your chance to show off your theoretical knowledge and demonstrate that you can have an in depth conversation on class hierarchies, inheritance, methods, encapsulation, polymorphism, and more.

Q.What's your favorite testing tool?

The specific answer here is probably not important in and of itself – What's important is that you can demonstrate familiarity with at least several testing tools, and be able to discuss their individual advantages and weaknesses. Never ventured outside of Rails default testing tools? Take some time to familiarize yourself with tools such as Rspec, FactoryGirl, Capybara, and Cucumber

Q.What are Gems and which are some of your favorites?

  • Short answer: Gems are packaged bits of Ruby code that you can install to extend or add functionality to your app.

Be sure to be able to discuss a list of your favorite gems, why you like them, and any customizations you like to add. This is also a good opportunity to highlight any gems you may have published.

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