Ruby on Rails Monday, January 2, 2017

I have a AtpRank model containing the first 100 Atp tennis players.
My goal is to create in the view a table listing all tennis players and their attributes, along with a button for each player useful for the user to choose a list of tennis players. The home.html.erb code is below:

<% @atp_ranks.each do |tennis_player| %> <tr id="tennist-<%= tennis_player.ranking %>"> <td class="atpranking"> <%= tennis_player.ranking %> </td> <td class="atpname"> <%= %> </td> <td class="atppoints"> <%= tennis_player.points %> </td> <% unless == 12 %> <td> <div id="atpenlist_form"> <% if current_user.atpenlisted?(tennis_player) %> <%= form_for(current_user.atp_selections.find_by(atp_rank_id:, html: { method: :delete }, remote: true) do |f| %> <%= f.submit "Dump", class: "btn btn-warning btn-sm" %> <% end %> <% else %> <%= form_for(, remote: true) do |f| %> <div><%= hidden_field_tag :atp_id, %></div> <%= f.submit "Choose", class: "btn btn-primary btn-sm" %> <% end %> <% end %> </div> </td> <% end %> </tr> <% end %>

As you can see, the form uses Ajax having set remote: true in the form_for helper. Requests are handled by the atp_selections controller. Below is an extract of the create action of this controller:

current_user.atpenlist(tennist)  respond_to do |format|    format.html { redirect_to root_url }    format.js  end

The destroy action uses the atpdiscard method instead of the atpenlist method.
In app/views/atp_selections I created the create.js.erb and destroy.js.erb files.
Below is the app/views/atp_selections/create.js.erb file:

$("#atpenlist_form").html("<%= escape_javascript(render('users/atpdiscard')) %>");  $("#atp_count").html('<%= current_user.atp_ranks.count %>');

Each of the app/view/users/_atpenlist.html.erb and app/view/users/_atpdiscard.html.erb partials contain the respective form (the same exact part of the code above starting with form_for).

I have to say that in the original code for the home page I did not explicitly included the entire code for the forms, but I just rendered the partials. This did not work: rails warned me that it could not find the variable or method tennis_player used in the iteration, for some reason to me unknown. So I had to renounce to render the partials and decided to include the entire code.

The issue is now that Ajax does not work: I have to refresh the page to see the results of submitting the form. I checked my code and could not find errors or explanation for this.

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