Ruby on Rails Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Problem: I have use the net/http code for uploading the '.doc', '.docx', '.pdf' and images files on dropbox. But I getting the issues like:

1.invalid byte sequence in UTF 8
2. Now while the file is uploading but it not uploading the content and even it uploading as a corrupt file.

Below I writing my code to upload the file on dropbox. Please help me.


uri = URI.parse("")
          request =
          request.content_type = "application/octet-stream"
          request["Authorization"] = "Bearer #{$acess_token}"
          request["Dropbox-Api-Arg"] = "{\"path\":\"/Sass-for-Web-Designers.pdf\"}"
          request.body = ""
          request.body <<"app/assets/images/categoryImages/Sass-for-Web-Designers.pdf").read
            #request.body << file.content

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