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i am very beginner using ruby.

i use a application that its name is logstash. it is ruby based monitoring tool.

it is let use ruby code in its configuration file.

i use this application for snmptrap messages.
these messages contain some key = value sections.

example output raw data:

raw datası: 

{"event"=>{"SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0"=>"BRIDGE-MIB::topologyChange", "DISMAN-EXPRESSION-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance"=>"206 days, 21:34:07.64", "VTP-MIB::vtpVlanIndexVlanID.3002"=>"3002", "@timestamp"=>2017-01-13T07:49:56.579Z, "host"=>"", "@version"=>"1", "message"=>"#<SNMP::SNMPv2_Trap:0x42394ae7 @request_id=110, @error_index=0, @error_status=0, @source_ip=\"\", @varbind_list=[#<SNMP::VarBind:0x30440dc @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::TimeTicks:0x3aab3b59 @value=1787604764>>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x324d2099 @name=[], @value=[]>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x420805ae @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::Integer:0x632bbf93 @value=3002>>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x39215c @name=[], @value=\"Fa0/27\">]>", "IF-MIB::ifName.10027"=>"Fa0/27", "tags"=>[]}}

more readable version.

                   "SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0" => "BRIDGE-MIB::topologyChange",
    "DISMAN-EXPRESSION-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance" => "206 days, 21:34:07.64",
            "VTP-MIB::vtpVlanIndexVlanID.3002" => "3002",
                                  "@timestamp" => 2017-01-13T07:49:56.579Z,
                                        "host" => "",
                                    "@version" => "1",
                                     "message" => "#<SNMP::SNMPv2_Trap:0x42394ae7 @request_id=110, @error_index=0, @error_status=0, @source_ip=\"\", @varbind_list=[#<SNMP::VarBind:0x30440dc @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::TimeTicks:0x3aab3b59 @value=1787604764>>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x324d2099 @name=[], @value=[]>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x420805ae @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::Integer:0x632bbf93 @value=3002>>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x39215c @name=[], @value=\"Fa0/27\">]>",
                        "IF-MIB::ifName.10027" => "Fa0/27",
                                        "tags" => [
        [0] "_rubyexception"

There is a problem these keys

"VTP-MIB::vtpVlanIndexVlanID.3002" and "IF-MIB::ifName.10027". this field contains digit section and this section is dynamic.

i want to remove this section on key. 

it looks like "VTP-MIB::vtpVlanIndexVlanID" and "IF-MIB::ifName". 

how can i do this modification?

i am not good at with ruby. i will push your patient :)

thank you :) 

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