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I have a CSV upload option and need to create a table and model based on the CSV colums.

We allow to upload different kind of CSV file formats and each file upload will create new table and info will be stored accordingly. I have created a table with columns based on CSV file header and also created a model base on CSV file name.  But when i store the file details to specific table i faced error. 

def self.import(file, head, csvalue,fname)


ActiveRecord::Schema.define do
      create_table "#{fname}" do |t|
        #(define your columns just as you would in a migration file)
        head.each do |h|
          t.text h
        # t.string :my_string

  model_file = File.join("app", "models", fname.singularize+".rb")
    model_name = fname.singularize.capitalize, "w+") do |f|
      f << "class #{model_name} < ActiveRecord::Base\nend"



return file

How can declare the object for dynamic model. Because I couldn't store the values to new table.

I faced the Error like NameError (uninitialized constant Mytest):

Any idea how to solve this ? 

I do not know if this will work, but you probably need to manually require the model file you create before you try to constantize the model name. I don't think Rails autoloading is working in this situation.


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