Ruby on Rails Thursday, February 9, 2017

On 9 February 2017 at 17:10, Joe Guerra <> wrote:
> I can't get my embedded if statement working in a html table.
> here's one row of my table from my cart index...
> <td><%= cart.created_at.strftime("%m/%d/%Y") %> | <%= cart.product_id
> %> | <% if cart.processing == 'true'%> <%= Processing order %> <% end
> %></td>

You should not have the <%= %> round Processing order as that is not ruby, so
<% if cart.processing == 'true'%>Processing order<% end %>
but possibly better
<%= "Processing order" if cart.processing == 'true' %>
That is assuming that cart.processing is a string not a boolean.

I suspect your original code would have shown an error in the console
and development.log, in which case it is always a good idea to post
the error when asking for help.


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