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On 10 February 2017 at 14:29, 'krfg' via Ruby on Rails: Talk
<> wrote:
> ...
> Then the problem was just rendering the home page after invalid submission
> instead of redirecting to the home page.
> The original code was render 'static_pages/home', you can check it here.
> This original code would show a flash error message that the test would
> catch with:
> assert_select 'div#error_explanation'
> If I remove or comment this line in the test, the test would pass as long as
> I use a redirect in the create action of the microposts controller.
> No flash errors are showed after redirection, though

That is because the static_pages controller knows nothing about the
error. If you want to get that into the static_pages controller you
will have to do something like (untested)

redirect_to 'static_pages/home', :flash => { :error =>
@micropost.errors.full_messages.join(', ')}


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