Ruby on Rails Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that Rails 5.0.2 has been released.

## CHANGES since 5.0.1

To view the changes for each gem, please read the changelogs on GitHub:

*Full listing*

To see the full list of changes, [check out all the commits on

## SHA-256

If you'd like to verify that your gem is the same as the one I've uploaded,
please use these SHA-256 hashes.

Here are the checksums for 5.0.2:

$ shasum -a 256 *-5.0.2.gem
bec943d44cc3c91b1be7ed9dd0a750e89668035089905f8b357eafb7019402e0  actioncable-5.0.2.gem
4b1d4e08d911a410c6ef0314ca897a1e73abb8757707cc9f0766edc6a4c47e92  actionmailer-5.0.2.gem
9761c35da0cd2c2057fab74c2b4f27a748deb8e848c8db1eed0a078c43a31bce  actionpack-5.0.2.gem
002b3c3b858b0748a73ebcb6f8fcdec24b5ccda948646261530ff028ded43365  actionview-5.0.2.gem
6da5f44958fc83f8c10dfa03d22b067ffc3b1032e3a881a282d786396ded00bc  activejob-5.0.2.gem
9c927aa343b7e32ea87a8d7cf9acde0291de219af86d7ed38ae4733d8a19c06c  activemodel-5.0.2.gem
6070757a7816b6676568a7d6c6e160ae8cd9a1b93f45fe3ce03d21f35c3accc7  activerecord-5.0.2.gem
e02921c1a516af2f6ab492af483e0c6aab113b9535a3fd86e901efaa843b72b5  activesupport-5.0.2.gem
49c6c350286e2f177df5c2214f9668f0866d87411ab5a63e051e25eb64453f70  rails-5.0.2.gem
45f7a574e8f1c6dcc6c91ed6c6f42894b3d8abc132f4a5cff0148e6a18fa8d5a  railties-5.0.2.gem


As always, huge thanks to the many contributors who helped with this release.

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