Ruby on Rails Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Experts,

I have been developing with Ruby on Rails for 4 months and I just finished my first app (the link below).
For my next app I thought about using the open source project Discourse that uses a lot of Ember.js for the App and Ruby on Rails as backend API, but I am skeptic about this as I really LIKE Ruby on Rails, I would like to work on the Backend and I have some Angular, Jquery, HTML, CSS skills that I would like to sharpen, while learning also SQL and some Backend staff..

My question is if Ember.js is really useful, as when a JS Framework is used in developing a Ruby on Rails App, ofter we are speaking of a team of developers and consequently some will be taking care of Front End while other Back End. I would like to be in the Backend team, so I think that the best approach for developing my Apps for now is only using Ruby on Rails, but I am a noob and I would like to receive some advise.

Thanks a lot
Fabrizio Bertoglio

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