Ruby on Rails Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm going to try to answer my own question.

I tracked down this answer: code here.

The most important sentence tompave wrote in is this:

A model with a plural name, e.g. class Users, will confuse rails.


I was following along on

And one can find there
rails generate scaffold Articles title:string body:text

This generates a warning

[WARNING] The model name 'Articles' was recognized as a plural, using the singular 'Article' instead. Override with --force-plural or setup custom inflection rules for this noun before running the generator.

The second most important sentence in tompave's answer is
Normally it would be user_path for singular routes (show, update, delete) and users_path for the plural ones (index, create). Here, however, users_path must be used for the singular routes, and Rails will fallback to use users_index_path for index and create.

The person who coded up the Rspec test seems to have known using the plural form "Articles" would generate the articles_index_path method rather than article_path.

And thus my confusion has been addressed.

I wish I could thank tompave directly


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