Ruby on Rails Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Jun 30, 5:45 pm, Marnen Laibow-Koser <> wrote:
> newcomer wrote:
> > @Marnen: Thank you! I appreciate it a lot..
> > The joy I feel after reading your reply, when things start to make
> > sense.. this is great, thanks :)
> > wrote below..
> > On Jun 30, 4:08 pm, Marnen Laibow-Koser <> wrote:
> >> newcomer wrote:
> >> > started developing) might not be a good idea at all.
> >> problem.
> > This one surprised me a bit as I heard many confident "no-no"s on
> > this, though what you wrote sounds like good news. Naturally, best
> > thing would be to try it out, just hesitated because of what I've
> > heard on this subject.. (and besides, was also thrilled to get into
> > Linux as well, though learning everything from scratch at the same
> > time has it's pros and cons..)
> Er, I was talking about Mint Linux vs. Ubuntu Linux (which shouldn't be
> a problem), not Windows vs. *nix (which might well cause problems).

Funny, just sent another question about that :)
Got it, thanks.. will happily move to VM then..

> > I did have another reason to go and install VM, though I'm not sure it
> > was a correct one, short description as follows:
> > In one of the posts around I read about Cappuccino and it looked
> > great, so wanted to try it out as well for my User Interface.. but the
> > download instructions contain a shell script I'm supposed to be
> > running (if I understood correctly), when not building from the source
> > (being a Newbie and after reading a bit I assumed this was not for me
> > yet).
> > Anyway, when happily going to Cygwin to run the file I
> > encountered the following message:
> > "Error: Narwhal is not compatible with your JVM. Please switch to the
> > Sun (HotSpot) JVM and re-run"
> [...]
> This is probably better directed to a Cappuccino forum.

yes, my embarrassment in sending stupid questions (like in this post)
prevented me from asking them thus receiving answers.
But after your replies I feel more confident to ask these :)



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> Marnen Laibow-Koser
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