Ruby on Rails Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On 30 June 2010 23:45, Neil Bye <> wrote:
> Colin Law wrote:
>> On 30 June 2010 20:40, Neil Bye <> wrote:
>> You should not ask the same question twice.
> I wouldn't have but the problem was so similar.
> So what is the value of
>>  You could just display it on the page
> It depends which story is shown, that's my problem, it won't pass as a
> parameter or some reason.

Of course it depends which story is shown, it is the id of the
individual story. If the value is nil then no parameter will be
passed, if it is not nil then there should be a parameter. You can
also look at the html of the page (view page source in browser) to
check that the id is there in the href.

Add code to show the id on the page and check that it also appears in the href.


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