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> I'm just getting started with Rails, and as a simple task I wanted to
> rehost my website from bare html/apache to Rails.
> What's a typical name for the controller for the main page of the
> website? Rails wants to pluralize it be default... Normally I'd name
> it after
> the table in the database it relates to, but for our web site, with no
> database behind it, that just doesn't seem correct.
> Thanks,

Ryan Bates has a Railscast about this, showing you how to go from static file service to files plus database for these sorts of "static" pages.

What I have done in the past is to create a PagesController (empty), and then place my static pages in the views/pages folder. They Just Work™ from there. If you fiddle the routing, you can remove the /pages/ segment from the URL, too.


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