Ruby on Rails Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 10:57:40 AM UTC-5, fugee ohu wrote:
i whitelisted a paramater as shown below in appliction_controller.rb  but i'm getting the error from Action Controller "

TypeError in Devise::ConfirmationsController#show nil is not a symbol nor a string

Here's the line from my application_controller.rb:

      devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:sign_up, keys: [:name])
Is confirmations_controller part of the sign_up group for devise?

Here's the error in the log:

Processing by Devise::ConfirmationsController#show as HTML
  Parameters: {"confirmation_token"=>"hh8zL_viEEc6XQq3k_Cv"}
  [1m [36mUser Load (1.3ms) [0m  [1m [34mSELECT  `users`.* FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`confirmation_token` = 'hh8zL_viEEc6XQq3k_Cv' LIMIT 1 [0m
  [1m [35m (0.5ms) [0m  [1m [35mBEGIN [0m
  [1m [35m (0.6ms) [0m  [1m [31mROLLBACK [0m
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 207ms (ActiveRecord: 106.8ms)

TypeError (nil is not a symbol nor a string):
activemodel (5.0.0) lib/active_model/dirty.rb:188:in `attribute_was'

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