Ruby on Rails Saturday, June 17, 2017

I have the below code:

class ContactsController < ApplicationController
  # ..

  def top_3
    cache_identifiers = { contact_1: 1, contact_2: 2, contact_3: 3 }
    cache_keys = cache_identifiers.keys
    cached_keys_with_values = Rails.cache.read_multi(*cache_keys)
    uncached_keys = { |key| key unless cached_keys_with_values.has_key?(key) }.compact
    uncached_ids = { |key| cache_identifiers[key] }
    uncached_contacts = Contact.where(id: uncached_ids).to_a do |key, value|
      Rails.cache.write(key, value)

    @contacts = do |key|
      cached_keys_with_values[key] || uncached_contacts.shift

I am using memcached as cache store. Now my question is how can I invalidate the cache when say any of the attributes(name, email) of the contact record changes.

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