Ruby on Rails Tuesday, July 11, 2017

> On 2017-Jul-11, at 14:52 , 'Bigos' via Ruby on Rails: Talk <> wrote:
> output.each{|o|!{|i| {:space_nickname =>, :nickname => i.nickname, :condition_number => i.condition,
> :condition => report_config.slider_order[i.condition][1],
> :full_note => "#{i.full_note.strip} \n #{{|p| !p.caption.blank? }.map{|p|
> "[Photo #{photo_number_for(report.photo_numbers.hash, p)}] #{p.caption}"
> }.compact.join("\n")}".strip,
> :description => i.description, :trade =>, :flagged => !i.require_maintenance.blank? }}}
> output.reject(&:empty?)
> My coworker says it is valid Ruby, but Emacs highliting gets mangled. Does anybody know where I should report issues with that? I could only find an svn repo for that particular plugin for Emacs.

Where is the closing quote for the line that starts with:
:full_note => "
If you have "nested" quotes inside interpolations, perhaps you need to use %{} instead of ""

Or, perhaps even better, don't try to be so clever and compact:

output.each {|o|! {|i|
full_note = [i.full_note.strip] do |photo|
next if photo.caption.blank?
full_note << "[Photo #{photo_number_for(report.photo_numbers.hash, photo)}] #{photo.caption}"
:space_nickname =>,
:nickname => i.nickname,
:condition_number => i.condition,
:condition => report_config.slider_order[i.condition][1],
:full_note => full_note.join("\n").strip,
:description => i.description,
:trade =>,
:flagged => !i.require_maintenance.blank?


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